• Lezlie Roberts/Owner


Updated: 2 days ago

We are dedicated to protecting our students to the top level of professionalism and safety. We are dedicated to the practice of all safety measures mandated with extensive action.

Face masks will be required coming into the building. It is not mandated to wear once in the building. Only faculty, staff and students are allowed in the building

Hands must be washed as you enter into the building.

Hand washing will be practiced throughout the school day.

All classes will be sanitized daily before the beginning of the day and after the close of day.Door knobs, vents and bathrooms will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Students will practice social distance as we assign seats. Small class sizes.

Every Faculty, staff and student's temperature checked as they enter. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 or above will not be permitted in the building. Anyone who has any underlying health issues and /or chronic low immune systems please refrain from gathering for your safety and the safety of others. We ask that anyone that has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 do not enter the building. If you have had any symptoms to the virus please refrain from entering into the building.