(Young sisters in transition )


12-17 yr old Girls


This  program is  designed to teach, train and assist young ladies in their transition from childhood to adolescence to young adult.

We recognize that these years are difficult with the distractions of today.  Social media introduces our children to many vain imaginations that they are trying to live up to.  We will introduce your young lady to the truth about who they are and their endless potentials.


(Boys to Gents)


12-17 year old Boys


This program is designed to teach, train and challenge young boys in their transition from childhood to adolescence to young adult.  We recognize that these years are difficult with the distractions and tragedies of today.  Social Media as well as the fatalities of our young men introduce them to a hopeless integration into Society.  We will introduce your young men to the endless  truths about who they are and their endless potentials.

Master Life Group


18 yr-up men and women


This program is designed to teach people about who they are, whose they are and their purpose of living.  Master Life teaches them how to live on purpose and not allow their emotions to control their destiny. This group is also taught how to make wise decisions and stop making the same mistakes, over and over.

Foundations of Life Homeschool Academy & Adult Education


Pre-K to 12th grade/Ged preparation.


Our anointed Educators have a zeal to teach your student everything needed to know in the subjects of  math, language arts, science, social studies and most importantly which is our specialty, reading.  We are not teaching the new wave techniques.  We keep it old school in our solving approach.  Our curriculum allows your child to fill in any educational gaps.  Life skills are also a part of the curriculum which  exposes our children to the endless possibilities.

"I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly"

Our Mission

RUN TO GOD MINISTRIES (RTG) are the hands of God on this Earth.  We were created to help Women, Men, Boys and Girls of all ages.  The restoration of Families is the Primary Focus of this Organization.  We believe that if people know better, they will do better.  The only way to get people to know better is to put them in an environment where teaching and love is going forth.  No matter what the challenge, RTG is a firm believer that if you do the work, change, then victory is yours.  Our programs are not limited, but are built to meet every need of a person's spirit, body and soul. 



Our Vision

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