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 Iron Sharpens Iron.  When Women get together and bond; greatness explodes.  Sister time with some new Sisters!  Whether you need an ear, a shoulder to cry on,  or you want to be heard; this is your Evening. Connecting with Women is just what the Coach ordered. 

Sept 10-what are you afraid of?      


Sept 24-why is your past holding you back?


Oct 8- have you truly forgiven?


Oct 22- who are you? What’s your character?


Nov 5 -struggling with making decisions? Life/death


Nov 19- how do you rate the quality of your relationships?


Dec3- open forum/ close for winter break


End of quarter!


(Young sisters in transition)

 12-17 yr old Girls


This  program is  designed to teach, train and assist young ladies in their transition from childhood to adolescence to young adult.

We recognize that these years are difficult with the distractions of today.  Social media introduces our children to many vain imaginations that they are trying to live up to.  We will introduce your young lady to the truth about who they are and their endless potentials.


(Boys to Gents)

12-17 year old Boys



This program is designed to teach, train and challenge young boys in their transition from childhood to adolescence to young adult.  We recognize that these years are difficult with the distractions and tragedies of today.  Social Media as well as the fatalities of our young men introduce them to a hopeless integration into Society.  We will introduce your young men to the endless  truths about who they are and their endless potentials.

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